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6 Reasons for Low Season: Best time to visit Pigeon Forge

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The Smoky Mountains are AMAZING in every season, but learn why the Low Season may be the best time to visit Pigeon Forge.

The Smoky Mountains are AMAZING in the fall, but that’s not the only time you should plan a visit. In this blog post, we will make the case that the Low Season may be the best time to visit Pigeon Forge.

Yes, of course, there are great reasons why so many want to view the autumn leaves changing color. We wish everyone could experience the fall view from our mountaintop. But remember, as we mentioned in a previous blog post, the mountains are beautiful in every season. Depending on how you vacation, the Low Season may be your best bet.

What is LOW SEASON in the Smokies?

Low or Off Season is generally:

  • the middle of August through September
  • November through February (except for the holiday weeks)
  • And April through mid-May

No matter what season, we know you will love your stay at a “Your Home Away From Home” cabin. Our business name is “Your Home Away From Home” because it is exactly that. It’s a place where you can go to get away from the day-to-day bustle, while still finding all the comforts of home. You don’t have to bring linens and towels (unless you go to a water park, etc), kitchen items, or a grill. Instead, you just come with your clothes and food and the rest is provided for you.

While there is nothing wrong with coming during the High Season—again, it’s AMAZING—the Low Season does have many advantages to it. Here are 6 solid reasons worth considering.

Why Low Season may be the best time to visit Pigeon Forge

  1. More play time. Less tourists mean shorter lines for all the great local attractions including Dollywood, Moonshine Mountain Coaster in Gatlinburg, the Ripley’s Believe it or Not attractions, as well as all the Parkway adventures and other mountain coasters your children love.
  2. More availability: During High Season, the popular Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg dinner shows regularly sell out. Low Season offers more availability and opportunity to be spontaneous.
  3. Less Parkway traffic: Parkway traffic can be challenging during the High Season. If you’ve ever experienced it, this may be the BIGGEST upside. Less traffic means less frustration for you and your family. There will be no need to use the back roads as your kids can enjoy the sights of the Parkway without asking, “Are we there yet?”
  4. Less Cades Cove traffic: Fewer cars means more than easier rides in the Winter and Spring. Less traffic means more opportunities to encounter animals and more time to stop to enjoy nature. Without a lot of people around you can find parking, eat a peaceful picnic lunch with your family, play in the creeks, and take photos of all the natural beauty God has given us in the Smokies (without the unwelcomed photobombs).
  5. Less cost: During the Low Season, many attractions offer discounts or special packages. It’s a perfect opportunity to try out something new that you’ve never done before. If you can’t find discounts on a website, don’t hesitate to ask. Customer service will usually be able to guide you to an unseen offer.
  6. Same great cabin at a lower price: This is one last advantage to visiting Pigeon Forge during the Low Season. Our cabins at “Your Home Away From Home,” typically cost less to rent. Just as hotel stays are usually cheaper weekdays than weekends, our cabin rates are lower in the Low Season. And if you follow up on Facebook, we’ll let you know when we are running specials for greater discounts.

There is so much to enjoy in Pigeon Forge, you will enjoy your stay no matter what season. But thanks to more opportunities and less people, Low Season may be the best time to visit Pigeon Forge. If you want to be more relaxed and deal with fewer people, the Low Season will help you avoid that, “I need a vacation after the vacation” feeling.


Tanner Manor

Your Home Away From Home began in 2016 with our first cabin purchase in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. When we set it up, we wanted it to be ready for us to go to and relax in at any time. We wanted it to truly be our home away from home and realized that this is how it should be for all of our guests as well.

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